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Alpha RX Plus quickly stops erectile dysfunction.



96% of users say "yes it's working."

Regain sexual potency quickly without medication, and without side effects. 

Our goal is to help you gain and maintain lasting erections, with all-natural Alpha RX Plus, which may immediately end your struggle to achieve and sustain an erection


Solid-lasting erections have returned using our formula. Eight (8) years of positive customer feedback, and a 96% success rate, has shown Alpha RX Plus works as advertised. 

Alpha RX Plus offers an incredible blend of herbs. These herbs have shown to:

intensify sexual desire, increase sensitivity, increase Testosterone levels, strengthen erections. Our solution has enabled men of all ages to enjoy frequent, and longer lasting sex.


Alpha RX Plus contains 7 superior herbs, combined to end poor sexual performance. 

These herbs have been cultivated and tested through our lab partners and most important, our customers continue to inform Live Natural through feedback, of their success using our herbs. 

Combined, these 7 herbs improved sexual performance in men 40-75 (our demographic), with some reported customer spill over beyond 75 years.


Just one capsule may keep you ready for intimacy 3-4 days without repeated use, which means not worrying about timing your sexual activity. No taking a pill 1 hour before sex.

Spontaneous erections and better blood flow have been shown to return with the use of

Alpha RX Plus.  And there are no monthly recurring billing charges applied to your card.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Click card for info


We survey customers results frequently, below are recent responses from November and June.



Question from our June customer satisfaction survey; Q10: Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns on how we can better serve you?

 A; "Really surprised about what the product does; no more erectile dysfunction."  Jerrald S.

2016 customer feedback; "after trying Alpha RX Plus, I'm ecstatic and thrilled. I actually now get harder and fuller erections than my peak years." Louis N.J.             Leave your feedback 




FYI: You must understand.

*Customers who have had operations involving the pelvic nerves, may experience less success in achieving and sustaining erections. 

*Sexual dysfunction following pelvic fractures has a high incidence, and affects the male patients both physically and psychologically. Reported from Science direct.

*Understand not all human systems react to herbs at the same rate. Customers have mentioned in feedback, seeing results after the first capsule, others after the first 4 capsules. Some repeat usage every 3-4 days, others once a week.  As with any solution, frequent urination, heavy water and or bowl loss, may affect sustaining strength of buildup in the body.                              Purchase; click the man's face


Are you searching for an alternative to PDE5 inhibitors or the blue pill?  Alpha RX Plus may be the answer to your search, a natural solution, eliminating side effects, and timing sexual activity.

Scroll down to our chart below or click mans face for popular product comparisons.

If you want to try our solution, we offer a 6-capsule box, but we recommend you try our solution for 30 days to get a fair assessment. Our products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, read (terms and conditions) for more details. 

*If Alpha RX Plus is working for you, we can save you money and recommend you purchase the 12 box order and save10%, 9 box order saves you 8% or 6 box order saves 5%, and all come with free shipping, saving up to an additional 2% off multiple box orders, domestic shipped.    Yes we ship international, day of order.

*The above deals offer big savings and will help maintain your potency.                                                                                                         The market
























Alpha RX Plus comes with a money back guarantee, and Live Natural does not add recurring billing charges on your card, month after month. Have you ever tried calling a company to try and stop those unrequested continuous charges? Phones are always busy due to number of calls and somehow you never get through?  NoteYou may request recurring monthly charges and product shipment with Live Natural for convenience. You can cancel recurring charge request by email or phone any time. No games, no dodging your request.

Through our years of feedback and success, we have confidence in our product and its results and feel you will purchase when the need is there, or your budget allows.       Meet Ken


Did you know] According to medical reports men with ED have an 80% risk of heart disease. You should act to defeat erectile dysfunction.

Medical history also shows ED strikes 5%-10% of men (possible 39 million US) by age 40, and around age 70, 40%-60% of men (more than half) have ED. Don't remain or become a part of these statistics, act now.


                                                                   Listening to our customers


Live Natural, sends our customers a survey frequently, to ensure our service meets their standards, and our products perform as promised. This allows us to improve service and ensure quality.

                                                                 Regarding feedback;

We share customer feedback sent to us regarding use of Alpha X Plus and Fat Jack cream  throughout our site. All feedback shown is voluntary, used with customer permission, worded, and written by customers.


If you want to leave feedback, or comment on our products and services, click here         

You will land on the "give us your feedback" entry form.


Taken from a survey of our customers on use results and below some of their feedback:

Question 3: (Taken from our customer survey) Are you satisfied with results from Alpha RX Plus?           A: "Very effective, Exceeded expectations" George S-Maryland 

Question 10: (Taken from our survey;) Would you give us feedback on your feelings about our product? A. " AlphaRXPlus is a savior to my sex life. I am able to take one tablet every five days and be able and ready on "as needed" basis. The cost is a lot less than the other products which are good for one-time sex per dose. Being an all-natural remedy, I have no hesitations to continue using this product indefinitely. I'm 70 years old and can perform as I did in my 20's. It's just a great product."


Question 10: (Taken from our survey;) Would you give us feedback on your feelings about our product? A. "I have been using at least four years, works very well. I was really concerned when it wasn't available last year, and am glad it is back." Steve-Carolina


 Skeptical about trying our product? Considering our prices, customer feedback and the money back guarantee, you owe it to your sex life to give us a try?                                                                        Every day you doubt Alpha RX Plus, is another without enjoying the pleasure of sex. 

Customer-Ken in Georgia speaks on his initial skepticism of Alpha RX Plus; 

 "When I first heard of Alpha RX Plus, I was very, very skeptical. I was already jaded from lack of success with other highly recommended OTC and prescribed products that had side effects, so my first thought was "if you've tried one, you've tried them all. I figured this one would be the same." 

 "Finally, I did try it and I've been using this product ever since. I am getting great

results, with no side effects. I only endorse what I believe in, therefore I highly recommend it".


*Many over the counter solutions offer no positive results and are not working because ingredients and mixtures are not well formulated or compatible. 


                                                                             Customers mention

A very common scenario new customers mention: "I am tired of spending over $300 a month for pills that give me a headache, and a list of side effects". "So, I went to the local drug store, bought a package of pills which promised to give me the "greatest erections ever", began taking them, became intimate and nothing happened". "More apologies and embarrassment for me"!

Customers mentioning the above scenario are now experiencing better sexual performance and budgeting, with the use of Alpha RX Plus.


Our solution may be Key to helping with better blood circulation and solid erections. Those are two key areas for better sex.




                          Comparing well known ED solutions & benefits 


Solutions Comparison     Alpha RX Plus™            Viagra                        Cialis                               Levitra            


Natural Ingredients                 Yes                                     No                                No                                       No


Prescription Required             No                                     Yes                              Yes                                      Yes


Lasting Effects                        Up to 3-4 days             5 hours                   12 – 20 hours                  6 hours


Speed Of Reaction           30 – 60 minutes       60 – 90 minutes          1.5 hours                        10 hours


Hardness of Erection         Natural/Lasting         Temporary                 Temporary               Temporary


Support Multiple Ejaculation    May                               No                                 No                                     No


Potential Food Interactions       No                             Possible                     Possible                         Possible


Side effects                                       No                                 Possible                      Possible                         Possible


Taken with Alcohol         Yes (but not advised)           No                                   No                                   No                                                            


Price /pill/capsule                      $3.13                                  $11.70                          $12.70                              $10.80       


Live Natural is not suggesting you go against your Doctor's advice regarding PDE5 inhibitors, but if side effects and pricing have become an issue, Alpha RX Plus may be an alternative.


Click back to last read;               


*If you're looking for an alternative to over the counter non-effective pills or PDE5 inhibitors:        "Try all-Natural Alpha RX Plus" or Our newest product Virility Candy.

Our herbs are mixed with the proper combination and amounts: Learn about Tongkat Ali, and Smilax Myosotiflora, two herbs in Alpha RX Plus.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Tips you need to know:

Tip (1). (Some things you try may not work well with other health issues)

   *Here is what you will not find in Alpha RX Plus: (L-Arginine),(Damiana), (Yohimbe),  or

   (Nitric Oxide), want to know why these are not added in Alpha RX Plus: Click the hand

Tips (2).  (important you are aware)

You should know many solutions are designed to force blood to the penis,

and that could be dangerous, and may cause permanent erectile dysfunction?

Why are solutions which force blood to the penis dangerous? Sounds like a normal process, but forced blood to the penis can cause priapism. 


Alpha RX Plus conducted product test using 25 men and 50 men, each was given product to test. Here is customer Steve's report;  "Prior to using Alpha RX Plus, I had to use Viagra to get consistently hard erections, but now I don't even have to use Viagra!"- Steve 

Alpha RX Plus is a product of "Live Natural" and not associated with any products with similar names. Live Natural does not make monthly recurring charges to your account. We have faith in our product and believe you will purchase when comfortable or if you achieve results.


Have a question, we might answer immediately?  Click the chat box in the lower right corner of this page and ask (type) your question over "Ask your Question" and click send.


                                                     Company mission statement

 Our mission is to assist in creating harmony in relationships, by providing products which assist Men and Women in achieving the ultimate in sexual pleasure.  We will continue to be flexible in educating our team and customers with new and better research. We will strive to be the most trusted and number one company offering all-natural products for erectile dysfunction, and male, female sexual enhancement.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product has not been FDA tested. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results achieved when using the product may vary from person to person. Alpha RX Plus is a dietary supplement.



 "The trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on this Web Site are registered and unregistered trademarks of Live Natural its affiliates and others.  Nothing contained on this Web Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on this Web Site pertaining to the product Alpha RX Plus without the written permission of  Live Natural or such third party that may own the trademark displayed on this Web Site. Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed on this Web Site, or any other content on this Web Site, except as provided herein, is strictly prohibited."    


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