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Welcome to “Spill it”, join us, as we talk about things that influence how we deal with everyday life and each other.  Our goal is to laugh and highlight issues you might not necessarily “spill” or discuss in everyday conversation?  We hope you find interest in our topics especially if you need an escape from reality just for a few minutes.
On ‘Spill It” we occasionally go back in time or reach back and pull something out of our files for fun.  If something during “Spill it” strikes you as funny, feel free to laugh, that’s something we don’t do enough of during this scary time in our lives.
On this page you will find the most recent episodes of "Spill it", if you would like to hear more episodes of Spill it click the more podcast button below to our library on this site and enjoy!

Live Natural Podcast- "Spill it"

This second season episode of Spill it discusses the unknown silent killer of around 3 million people on earth and so far there is no justice for this serial killer.
Autocracy over Democracy who buys in and why? And what have the lessons of history shown?
Heading 6