Tune the Spill It Podcast-Fun, informative and valuable insights.

Updated: 2 days ago

"Spill it" podcast can be heard on Amazon Music/Audible, Libsyn Classic Feed, Podcast Page, Android App, iPhone/iPad App, Spotify, Spill it website/

www.spill-it.net and Google podcast.

Spill it podcast will inform, educate and sometimes make you laugh.

the podcast is different from the usual, with lots of elements to entertain, inform, and the production value is worth a listen.

A few cast titles: "Do women like sex as much as men",

Hypocrisy, sex, T.V., Movies, silly stuff

time before cell phones

foods to keep you sexually healthy

Dreams what are they and why

Autocracy over Democracy who buys in and why

"Could it be ghost or alien"

the American business of prisons

Two sandwiches & a bus ticket"

"You're invited to come along with me on a Phishing trip", and more.

Listen, learn, critique, become a part and have fun.

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