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Customer feedback listening

Customer feedback listening

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Through customer feedback in surveys and emails, Live Natural has been able to improve, and enhance products like former Alpha RX Plus, which is now in its second generation as


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We’d like to highlight some of the feedback you have given us over the years.

 Customer-Derek B. 8-2022
The Omega7 is fantastic although I prefer the Alpha Rx plus name, do not know whether it is psychological, but it seemed to have an extra 'immphhh' in it. I have recommended this product to many men of all races and ethnic backgrounds. My main liking is that I am able to reach an owner of the company whenever I have a concern and get an immediate response.

Customer Robert S.  2011

"I was looking for a holistic answer to my erectile dysfunction. I decided to try Alpharxplus, I am really happy that this holistic approach does not have any of the awful side-effects that the big pharma products list in length with their products. Thank you for a healthy solution.

Charles S. Virginia. 2013

"As a middle-aged married couple dealing with all the complexities of modern life, we had found that intimacy was one of the first things that suffered. When the time and mood was right, frequently the performance wasn't, causing even more stress in our lives. AlphaRXPlus has renewed the spark!"

Cornelius E. 2021

"Yes, i am happy with your product, as I have been since we started our healthy journey. Keep up the good work". Thank you.

 David J. 2021

"outstanding results, after taking other products this is the one that works for me. alpharx plus is the best. Thank you live natural!

Brian H. 2021

I’ve been buying the Omega 7 about five years .I have not been disappointed in your product. I believe yo