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Men you now can help enhance your lady’s desire for romance. You acted to improve your sexual energy, stamina and staying power. The woman in your life may shy away from your advances, not because of losing feeling for you, but due to Physiological changes in her body.

These changes can be very real and cause a lack of desire to have sex with intimacy, leading to the wrong assumptions. Now this issue may be solved quickly, safely and inexpensively.

Live naturals new product formulated for women, may heighten a woman's libido, and bring back those romantic feelings.  

Wouldn't it be great if she could restore sexual desire, which can be suppressed by a hormonal imbalance, most often cause by issues like stress and aging?  


Eve's Alpha 8 is offered from the same company which helps men overcome erectile dysfunction using herbs, Live Natural. 

Once again using the right combination and mixture of herbs in our newest solution.

Here's something most men and women do not consider on a daily basis in our lives, physiological changes over time affect hormonal imbalance and in women may affect menstrual problems which includes issues like fertility, dryness of skin, pigmentation, frigidity, sagging breast and premature aging. 
Eve's Alpha 8 is made of herbs, an amino acid and an organic compound. It is formulated to restore suppressed romantic interest.
Now you can save money and your romance by purchasing Eve's Alpha 8 in a combo package with Alpha RX Plus. A chance for you both to relax and take control of these issues. 

Eve's Alpha 8 is designed to and may: significantly boost sexual desire/libido,

improve natural lubrication and reduction in vaginal dryness, intensify pleasure and orgasms, (multiple orgasms), facilitate blood flow and engorgement of the clitoris, improve stamina and endurance, increase arousal and reduces time to climax. Use it before sexual activity as needed. Fast acting, effective in less than (1) hour. 


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